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15:00pm-20:00pm                                       RECUERDE QUE PARA  INFORMACIÓN PERSONALIZADA TRABAJAMOS SOLO CON   CITA PREVIA


con cita previa

Thanks to the Erasmus Worldwide Programme, our tutors

are regularly hired, trained and updated within the Europaschule

framework of languages. London, Berlin, Paris and Milan are

barely few of the locations where they bring their pedagogical

skills into focus two times a year.



Due to european regulations subscribed by the Erasmus Programme

and European Framework, applicants for teaching jobs must refer

to our offices in Quito directly.

English Experts Cuenca

Edificio LA CUADRA 1

Jose Astudillo Regalado y Eduardo Crespo Malo (Sector Zona Rosa)                                                                                

Tel:     0998037322  //  072824010

Mail:  englishexperts.cuenca@gmail.com


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